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My Teen and High Risk Behaviors
Identifying and addressing 11 high risk behaviours. A rare opportunity to learn four effective strategies to help your teenager deal with these high-risk behaviors. Professional counselor, George Pritchard

Using Movies to Teach Your Teen About Life
Come learn how to keep your left brain awake when watching movies and use their powerful messages to teach your teen important information about life! Parenting author, Diane Moore

Dealing with Conflict
Arguing is so hurtful. Discover three effective ways to come to the other side of hassles and actually be closer than before. Professional Mediator, JoAnne Houck

Helping teens make a healthy transition to college
Making the transition to college is tough. Helping teens make the transition isn’t easy. You’ll learn four things you can do with your teen now, to make a healthy transition. Ben Burns, MA

Connecting with your teen when they want to dis-connect!
There are good reasons to keep in close contact with your teen’s world.  This workshop helps you with the tools and desire to connect with the best kid in the world…yours. Professional counselor, George Pritchard

Easy Napkin Talks
Delivering key values in five minutes or less.  Parenting author, Diane Moore