Parent Event - Alice of Wonderland

 Parenting Teens

"When Alice of Wonderland goes down the rabbit hole"

What? This is a highly intensive workshop to equip “Handlers Of Teens” the skills necessary to give wisdom and permission to do the right thing

Some Topics:

  •  Surviving High Risk Behaviors or “Why the fascination with permanent ‘Drain Bamage’ and death?” 
  •  High Tech World or “Are those ear buds surgically inserted?”
  •  Conflictosis, or “How to argue and get …CLOSER”
  •  Introduce a new concept in to your family, RESPECT!
  •  And dozens more

Who?  Every person who has a teenager in their lives is encouraged to come.
Why? Our kids need our strength, support, and training in this final stage before adulthood.


 George Pritchard MS is the founder of Parent State University.  As a professional counselor in private practice and a life long teacher, George will make sure you have fun while learning how to improve your relationship with your teen, even if you’re too scared to try.

Learn how your wise, caring, and strong involvement in your teen's life can guide and protect your child.

The good news? They do not realize it. Teenagers are so engrossed in their battle for acceptance and independence they do not realize how their actions are affecting those around them.

The desire of the Parent State University staff is for you, as parents, to be empowered to make a positive influence in your teen's life before she or he reach full adulthood. It is imperative that you pass on to your teen what only you can give; hope, confidence, and wisdom.

We have designed experiences where you can grasp ideas, learn concepts, and then practice them before you use them with your teen. Experiencing vital skills ensures success, so our workshops will allow you to do plenty of practicing.

By the time you walk out the door, you will have skills to protect yourself from negative power, and confidence to direct your teen in a way that insures success.

  •   Exhibits
  • Door Prizes
  • Refreshments 
  • Really important information
  • New friends

A new set of workshops now being offered in Arizona

Beginning, Monday,  Feb 2, 3, 9, 10
6:00-7:30pm, workshop

Limited Seating

Prescott High School

1050 N. Ruth Street, Prescott, AZ 86301.

 Cost $10.00 per workshop  Cheap huh?
Please make checks payable to: Parent State University
For more information contact  George Pritchard
928.848.8807 text and voice

Registration     Your optional registration will allow us to plan facilities and provide needed materials.