Personal Coaching for Parents




Perhaps you’ve been able to participate in workshops at one of our Parenting Events and found useful information and practical skills— but you would like more personal interaction about your unique situation with these skilled professionals—and desire positive reinforcement of your new skills.

Now, Parent State University is pleased to make available Personal Coaching for Parents.  Individual or family time with a  personal coach helps you to successfully build into your kids the new habits and values that will insure life long success.

 What is Coaching?

 Coaching is more than counseling. A counselor focuses on the wounds and brokenness of a person and seeks to restore him to effectiveness.

Coaching is more than teaching. A teacher shares knowledge and seeks to apply it in the life of one’s students.

Coaching is more than training. A trainer helps someone to learn specialized behaviors, skills, and systems.

Coaching is more than consulting. A consultant makes recommendations to overcome challenges and moves on to other venues.

Coaching is more than mentoring. A mentor shares what has been successful in his life.

Coaching uses parts of all the above to help others assess their situation and then improve their skills and

disciplines so that they can make the changes necessary in their lives.


What will be the outcome?

      After only a couple of months you will notice you are thinking more creatively, relating more intentionally, and finding greater satisfaction as a parent. 

Only professionally trained specialists who are also experienced parents are utilized in this proven system that ensures success.

Most coaching sessions meet weekly for six months or for a school semester. Like all PSU services, partially subsidized rates are available along with discounted package plans. Some insurance plans may offer coverage. This is a lasting investment in your kids future.

        Download brochure: Personal Coaching for Parents