Parent Event - Alice of Wonderland

 Parenting Teens

"When Alice of Wonderland goes down the rabbit hole"

What? This is a highly intensive workshop to equip “Handlers Of Teens” the skills necessary to give wisdom and permission to do the right thing

Some Topics:

  •  Surviving High Risk Behaviors or “Why the fascination with permanent ‘Drain Bamage’ and death?” 
  •  High Tech World or “Are those ear buds surgically inserted?”
  •  Conflictosis, or “How to argue and get …CLOSER”
  •  Introduce a new concept in to your family, RESPECT!
  •  And dozens more

Who?  Every person who has a teenager in their lives is encouraged to come.
Why? Our kids need our strength, support, and training in this final stage before adulthood.

The Daily Courier Feature Article

Avoiding the pitfalls of bullying, teen depression
For Prescott Valley girl, spirituality and family were crucial pieces to recovery

Parent State University staffer George Pritchard assists in a teen's recovery.
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AM Arizona Interview

Lana and George are interviewed by AM Arizona - a great conversation regarding the services of Parent State University. "Giving parents hope and tools"  "Give them permission and skills to move into their kids lives, with meaning and substance, information, and confidence."

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Seeking to provide an impact through dynamic delivery of useful information about relevant topics to parents of teens in our community

At a time when teenagers need their parents for “one last stand” in preparation for adulthood, many parents are “missing in action.”

This is the time when parents are crucial. They help teens rediscover values that work in the real world. They remind teens of family traditions and memories that will serve as the launching pad into adulthood. Parents also give teens the necessary confidence to achieve adult responsibilities.

If this last parenting season isn’t accomplished well, it causes uncertainty and pain for the rest of the teens’, and parents, lives.

Parent State University is designed to give parents the crucial information and support they need to love their teens, as they need to be loved in this pivotal season of family life. For that reason we have assembled a talented and caring team of presenters who will help you regain momentum, let you laugh at the realities of this season, and most of all, provide you with "walk away" strategies and information to move wisely and confidently through this "minefield."

You will want to be here. You will want to experience what other parents have. Just listen to some of their comments…

"You gave me some ideas to start practicing and reminded me that parenting is 24/7"
"The teacher's examples - they put life to her words. I appreciated the transparency of her life and her approaches to conflict."
"Very useful. Helpful information on conflicts and presented in a humorous way!"